Louis pissed off at a fan ‘cause she touched his ass - x

One Direction’s security is horrible. Does anyone remember Panic at the Disco meet & greets? I know some of y’all have been through like 10 of them so you KNOW what I’m talking about. Zack’s warning speech before the meeting and the greeting still haunts me. DON’T TOUCH, GRAZE, PINCH, OR CARESS ANY BUTTS. IF YOU DO YOU’LL BE THROWN OUT AND BANNED FOR LIFE. I had never been so terrified to accidentally brush against a butt before in my life. Meanwhile these dinguses are letting fans get so close to Louis his butt is being touched. Awful. Awful fans, awful security, awful everything.


Louis why you so mad the girl is probably crying her ass off right now because you were angry at her but she loves you to death

I see from your bio that you’re 13, so I’ll cut you a bit of slack. but also NO. it’s better to learn early that it is NOT okay to grab at A N Y O N E whether they are famous or not. that girl /should/ feel bad and realise what she did is NOT okay. let me put this in simple terms, if a random boy on the street grabbed your ass how would you react? this shit is not on. the sooner you realise that these guys are human beings worthy of basic courtesy and respect and not insane harassment, the better.

i hope that girl IS crying her ass off tbh, bc that is nightmare status unacceptable. what the fuck is this fandom even, where people think that’s okay??

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