update: not yet dead! although idk it was p close yesterday? I was actually at the point where I couldn’t keep water down, which is real scary, like the medical center we went to was like “ummm if that keeps going you might have to go & get put on a fluids IV” but it seems like the anti nausea meds they gave me have helped because I’ve kept most of a bottle of water down today, even if I was asleep for most of it. still feeling gross, still really shaky & a bit nauseous, but generally on the up? although also STILL NO IDEA WTF THIS EVEN IS, Jenn & I were joking that it was Trace Cyrus because the stuff I was taking for it was called Metrogyl except I can never say it so it became Metro Station & idk, it was funny when I was really out of it on the Benadryl shot they gave me yesterday.

(incidentally, insert my usual rant about the US’s fucked up health care system. cannot believe they charged me $95 just to see a doctor, not including the medication, the shot or the cabs to and from the medical center. GET SOME SOCIALIST HEALTH CARE UP IN THIS BITCH PLZ.)

(also I had a dream about eating a huge, amazing hamburger last night, and I almost cried when I woke up & realised all I could face was water. my kingdom for something with a flavour!)

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  2. meganwest said: that super sucks, feel better!
  3. asofterbucky said: ooh god D: get well soon, that sounds AWFUL? wow? good luck friend (th-they only charged you $95 for the doctor? when i got hospitalized it was $300 just for that …… haha h… ha … haaaa) what awful timing too
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