i have to go to the airport in about an hour

and in a nightmare scenario, the “gastro” i’ve had all week somehow got worse again yesterday? so based on the worrying comment my boss made yesterday (“oh i hope you don’t have giardia, i had it & so did Jill and a few other people…”) i went back to my doctor this morning & she was like “yeah that’s probs it if you’ve had a bunch of confirmed cases at work, have these drugs & DON’T DRINK ALCOHOL WITH THEM, because you WILL vomit everywhere, i promise”, so yeah. travelling with severe stomach bugs, it’s gr8!

(but yeah, gon be all up in america’s business in a bit, i promise to try and be over my lurgy in a few days, hopefully when the antibiotics kick in, maybe then i can eat something more than dry bread without wanting to spew? i’m also only taking my ipad, so i might be a bit less communicado than usual, still checking my email & twitter & stuff, & if you’d like my phone number over there for meeting up purposes or just to whatsapp me aubergine emojis or something message me & we’ll work something out?)

  1. rlottery said: Noooo that is such a cruel fate!!! Good luck with your trip!
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