SONG: UnknownIrresistible
ARTIST: UnknownOne Direction
ALBUM: UnknownTake Me Home: Yearbook Edition
PLAYED: 69 times


One Direction - Irresistible 

In my original downloadapalooza of all these bonus tracks, I somehow completely missed this one, and as I post it, it will be my very first time hearing it, and I imagine it will be like when a newborn baby hears its mother’s voice for the first time, and Harry Styles will hold me to his bare chest so that we can have skin-to-skin contact and we will be bonded closer together forever, and I will latch onto his nipple and he’ll be like, “gurl, too far” and I’ll be like “SORRY, I’M JUST REALLY EMOTIONAL RIGHT NOW” and he’ll be like, “it’s cool, it happens.” 



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